Copyright MOOC on Coursera

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Copyright for Educators & Librarians on Coursera

By Kevin Smith (Duke), Lisa Macklin (Emory), and Anne Gilliland (UNC Chapel Hill).


Coursera update

Well I finished Introduction to HTML5 in the Web Design for Everybody specialization on Coursera. I felt like I learned some new tricks and more formally learned some old ones. The instructor, Colleen Van Lent, is great. Looking forward to the next installment, Introduction to CSS3.

The one issue with HTML5 was the Autograder. Basically, the final assignment is coding a web page and then submitting the HTML to a program that checks the code. It’s easy to make the web page look just like the screenshot of the one the instructor provided; but it’s hard to get it to pass with the back end HTML code. The only way I made it through was by reading the posts by other students on the class forums, on how they solved the various technicalities. (Remove extraneous white space, etc.)