Therapy dogs take 2

Our newest librarian Shelley Harper did some research and found a therapy dog group that came into the library for a number of sessions, at no charge to us. Students and staff alike enjoyed it.

Go Team Therapy Dogs: Sit Means Sit

The dogs all wore vests and were well-trained, and most of them knew each other. So there was very little conflict, even among dogs of greatly different sizes. Only problem was between a German shepherd whose reserved personality seemed ill-suited to the task, and a young, over-energetic golden-doodle that the GS wanted nothing to do with. But there were no accidents, no worries, maybe one bark. The golden retrievers were eagerly rolling on their backs and demanding belly rubs.

Shelley also got the college photographer to come over and take some snaps, one of which was posted on the college front page photo spread. Yay Shelley for stress busting and good library PR!

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