Correcting a misspelled author name

Recently one of our faculty discovered that her name was misspelled in an article citation in The matter was referred to me. It turned out the source of the misspelling was several steps removed from the observed error. So I had to keep on emailing and filling out forms to traverse the path back to its original occurrence.

Journal website -> Gale Cengage -> British Serials Library -> WorldCat

Gale wouldn’t fix the spelling until the journal website’s Table of Contents reflected the correct spelling. The website fixed it. Now we wait for Gale to fix their data and for it be propagated to British Serials Library (British Library’s document delivery service), and from thence to be propagated into WorldCat.

I have no idea how long this will take. The professor was happy that some action was being taken, even if the path was labyrinthine.

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