AutoHotkey macros — joy and frustration

Once again I find myself using AutoHotkey to create macros for tedious cleanup work that can’t be done in an easy, automated fashion from within the ILS. Yes, you too can magically copy and paste fields if they appear in regular spaces.

And once again AHK is driving me nuts because it works sporadically and I can’t figure out why!! Hit the hotkey sequence once — it works. Move to the next record, either with cursor or mouse, and it doesn’t. Change the record manually. Then enter a third record. AHK works again.

Yes, this is used liberally in my macros:

Sleep, 100

I encountered this problem before, when we had a local server. The need for high sleep cycles has probably been worsened by having a hosted server with a slow connection for the ERM coverage info.

Anyway, if you have repetitive tasks that your ILS can’t manage, you may want to AHK a try, even if it’s not perfect. It will give your wrists a break.AHK