Ref Question: Can you let me up on the roof? We accidentally threw the 3-D printed boomerang up there.

At the Reference Desk …

Student: “Hi, can you let me up on the roof?”

Me: “….”

Student: “We threw our boomerang on the roof by accident. Just let me go up there and I’ll get it real quick.”

Me: “I don’t even know how to get up to the roof, plus they don’t want students up there anyway.”

There’s a 3-D printer in the CatLab; somebody had printed out a boomerang and students went out to test it. Immediately it landed on the roof. Facilities staff kindly came over and fetched it, whereupon it was returned to the CatLab. Said boomerang was a 3-legged, blue plastic flattish object that was clearly a little rough but it must’ve been a good design.

“At least we know it flies!”