MOOC time: Introduction to Data Science

I signed up for Introduction to Data Science through Coursera; it just started yesterday. Bill Howe from University of Washington is the instructor.

After watching the first 5 video lectures, I was intrigued and excited. This morning, I had some sobering thoughts. The subject matter doesn’t apply directly to my job. This class is covering Big Data, the kind that must be processed on multiple machines. I will be doing this class on my own time.

Will I continue taking this class? I’ll try it a while longer. So far, Professor Howe is a good speaker and makes good use of interesting real-world examples (Nate Silver, the presidential campaign, etc). I am able to comprehend the content. If nothing else, this gives me the hope that I won’t be just another uninformed consumer of the Internet; rather I’ll have some grasp of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Some other ulterior motives: I can talk about this with my Senior Software Architect boyfriend, who paid attention to some of the lecture material and found it interesting. And I can pretend that some day when I grow up, I will be a Data Science Analyst and make oodles of money.

…and as I went in to look at the course, Coursera appears to have gone down with a 500 error. Oops!

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