One of my life-long, serious faults is procrastination.  That should be qualified with adding that I mostly get the important stuff done on time, but often wait until the last minute. I pay my bills on time, authorize time sheets before the deadline, etc. Seems like it would be better to be super-organized and not feel anxiety about last-minute tasks.

Here’s a Lifehacker post on procrastination. I like the Pomodoro technique where one sets a timer and does work until time is up, then you take a break as a reward. I think the real point is that you’re distracted from anxiety and pressure with the timer, allowing you to get some work done as you get past emotional blockages or whatever’s obstructing you.

The Lifehacker article mentions apps for blocking distracting websites like Facebook, which can serve as easy ways to procrastinate. I’m not a Facebook addict so that wouldn’t work for me. However I must admit the constant email notifications can really throw me. Especially when I’m transitioning to another task and an email pops up that I want to reply to — after I hit send, I’m left with that “What was I doing?” feeling. Maybe I should turn off email notification in Outlook?

This Chronicle of Education article on structured procrastination is also interesting. The author recommends setting up some long-term task as the one to concentrate procrastination on, so the shorter-term jobs get done.

I really should try to implement one or more of these strategies but I have to check my email …

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