Publisher threats of lawsuits continue

The Chronicle’s Wired Campus blog posted the following on March 29, 2013 (author Jake New):

Edwin Mellen Press Threatens to Sue Society for Scholarly Publishing

“The Society for Scholarly Publishing has removed two blog posts about a legal battle between a scholarly publisher and a librarian after a lawyer representing the publisher threatened to sue the society.”

If you haven’t been following this story, see this Chronicle article from February 8, 2013: Edwin Mellen Press Sues University Librarian for Libel.



Not Always Right: Library Edition

Not Always Right is a great website chronicling the trials and travails of people in service jobs all over the world. Of course there are numerous tales from the library world.

Silence Is Golden
library | USA |

Customer: *in writing* “Where are the encyclopedias?”

Me: *slowly, making sure he can lip read me* “One floor up–”

(The customer gestures me to write. I assume he can’t lip read. He goes on his way after I write the instructions. Suddenly there’s a crash and he looks towards the sound.)

Me: “I thought you couldn’t hear!”

Customer: *in writing* “Stop talking, this is a library!”

Harlem Shake at Tutt Library

This occurred in Tutt Library near my office during Block finals. Unfortunately I wasn’t working that night.

UPDATE: Some Colorado College students are getting heat from the FAA for this in-flight Harlem Shake: