Make your own beautiful bullet points for posters and more

I did a poster session with another librarian on team teaching.  To design the poster, I used MS PowerPoint with one slide set to the dimensions of the final poster.

I decided to make the poster colorful and visually appealing.  To create the bullet points, I used GIMP. Once you know the steps, it’s easy to make colorful spheres that can be resized to your particular needs.

Start up GIMP and create a new file of square (equal) proportions.  For high quality prints, choose 300 x 300 pixels.

Go to Filter -> Render -> Pattern -> Qbist.


You should see a screen similar to this, with randomly generated thumbnails:


Click on one of the thumbnails to see more images that are related to the one you chose.  When you’re happy with the one in the center, click OK and GIMP will render the full pattern to the dimensions of your image window.

To turn the image into a sphere, go to Filter -> Map -> Map Object.


From the Map to menu, select Sphere.


Play around with the settings and click the Preview button to see what they do. Here’s my finished product, which can be resized as needed.


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