Working with graphics

I sometimes make flyers to advertise new electronic resources, or create blog posts for the library.  My favorite software for heavy-duty editing or rendering is the oddly-named GIMP, a freeware knockoff of PhotoShop.

The happy GIMP icon

The happy GIMP icon

You can do a lot with GIMP, from touch-ups to complex editing and pattern rendering.  And, it’s free. I’ve tried PhotoShop on another person’s computer and from my intermediate-level user perspective, the two seem roughly similar. GIMP has a lot of great plug-ins, so you can extend the capabilities of the original.

If you’re interested in downloading GIMP for Windows, try this link:

UPDATE: GIMP version 2.8 is difficult to use. I would advise trying to get GIMP 2.6. You can download it at CNET:



Who am I?

A librarian who works at a small liberal arts college. I get to do all kinds of stuff – I’m multi-purpose.   Not only do I handle electronic resources & serials, but I also work the Reference Desk, handle liaison duties (instruction sessions, purchasing books, etc.) and get involved in book displays, blog posts, flyers; as well as special events such as stress relief for the students.

I’d like to share some of my ideas and see what I can glean from the wider world.